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The auto wave tool will fill in Elliott Wave counts automatically based on a selected area of a chart. You can use this eliot wave wave trading as a starting point for your own analysis to speed up the placing accounts or have motivated fill in a pattern for a specific area. So when I select that you'll see my cursor turns to a little plus with an E W and then I will select in the area of the chart.

When I let go motivate fills in the top-level wave pattern motive wave will look at every possible valid wave pattern that would fit in that specified area based on the rules and guidelines of the Elliott Wave Theory Motive Wave then ranks all of those possible wave patterns and assigns a wave score to each one. The highest ranking wave score on a particular pattern based on our proprietary algorithm is what gets placed on the chart as the best top-level wave count you can move any of the.

Round if you disagree with account. You can also decompose the wave count motive wave will again attempt to fit the best eliot wave wave trading count at that level, and so on to decompose one or two levels across the entire wave pattern simply right. If I choose decomposed one level, it will fill in one level down.

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If I change my mind and want to decompose two levels. I would select that top level wave count again right. Click go back to. Choose decomposed two levels and now because I all we already have wave pattern filled in it will ask me or give me a warning message asking me.

If I want to replace eliot wave wave trading existing waves, I'll click Yes, it will remove the decomposed one level counts and replace it with the decomposed two -level If I only wanted to decompose a specific wave within the overall count, I would write, click on a specific wave and do the reddito Internet stabile thing.

So, for example, if I wanted to see if this decomposed further, I would write. And do that. When I use the decomposed one or decomposed two -level options motive wave is again determining the eliot wave wave trading possible wave pattern to fit in that area based on the highest ranking wave score using its proprietary algorithm.

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Please remember that when you are asking motivated to decompose lower levels, there may not be a valid or a good wave count that fits across the entire decomposed level. Motivate will still fit the best one it can across the entire decomposed level.

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If motive Wave believes there's an issue with account it will show an alert or warning for it sometimes in Were a wave is supposed to be shortest or longest, for example, it can have an acceptable variance or overlap, according to the rules and guidelines of the Elliott Wave Theory.

If that's the case motive Wave show a yellow warning on the count, but it is still considered a valid wave count. So, for example, on this chart here we've got a warning here saying that Wave three is the shortest wave.

It's filled in and just let you know that there is a variance on that rule, but because. Waves around it were so strong, it's leaving it there.

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You can move it around to get rid of the warning or leave it as you like. If you're finding that you're seeing a lot of yellow warnings in the counts, it may mean that you are not selecting the optimal area to use on the chart for the auto wave tool.

For example, eliot wave wave trading this one, I've got one yellow warning based on the area I selected which was this low point to this high point. Same low point, but I choose this higher high point.

And I decompose again.

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You'll see it was able to fit in an even better pattern using that selected area of the chart, and there's no longer a warning on any of those decomposed levels. So again, all of the points plotted in the auto wave and our auto analyze tools can be moved if you don't agree with where motive eliot wave wave trading places them.

If you don't agree with that specific one, so I could delete that out while leaving the rest of the counts in play. One other thing to show you under the decomposed menu is that along with decomposed one and two, we also have the other specific patterns listed here eliot wave wave trading actually one thing before I do that. There is a control and we'll get to that. In one moment.

I'll just cover the specific patterns first.

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So if I wanted to decompose and I didn't want motivated to look for all of the patterns if I just wanted to look for one specific pattern, I can go to that. I can write. The rest are great out.

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It's gonna. Me that there's already wave there, I'll say yes, I would like to replace it. It's only looking to fill in the impulse. If impulse is great out, for example. I'm now in a different wave and the impulse is great out. That means I can't choose it for that particular wave because it's not possible to break that specific area down into an impulse wave pattern as per the rules and guidelines of the elite Wave theory.

So you can see eliot wave wave trading of the waves I choose different patterns will be lit up as to what it believes that you can break it down into. If you want to quickly remove everything on your chart to start over if I click off of here, you can do a control A on your keyboard, which selects everything and this is a common function that you'll see in a lot of computer programs.

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It selects everything on the chart and then you just hit the delete key on your keyboard. If you want motivated to automatically decompose the two levels when you're selecting the argon, the chart just so it's faster you would use the keyboard shortcut while you're dragging the area the chart.

The chart. And then let them all go at the same time motive Wave has decomposed down those two levels. If you would select any of these patterns. Hold down the control key While you drag they behave the same as the auto wave tool. So if I choose impulse hold down the control key while dragging it will only fill in impulse patterns.

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So let me show you how that works. So now you can see I've got my cursor looks like an impulse if I hold down control and I drag over the chart. It's only fitting in impulse patterns there.

Commenti: 0 Secondo la teoria di Elliott i prezzi salgono e scendono seguendo un pattern specifico, ecco come trarre dalla teoria delle Elliot Waves gli spunti operativi per la nostra strategia di trading. Vediamo in cosa consiste.

If I don't hold down the control key if I just select. If I select Impulse here, if I don't hold down that control key, it's not an automatic tool. It becomes a semi-automatic tool and we'll cover that in another video, But I'll just show you.

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I'm not holding down control. So now it doesn't do anything right.

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If I go back, I'll just give you a brief preview. So that's it for this video.

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For more information on the semi-automatic tools. Look for semi automatic video and we'll see you in the next video. Thank you.