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OAuth 2.

token aperto

However, when this flow is token aperto, the value for the callback URL defaults to a placeholder. You can specify a callback URL if needed, such as when this same client is being used for a different flow.

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It must match one of the values to pass validation. Separate multiple callback URLs with line breaks.

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The callback URL field has a limit of characters, cumulatively. Select the OAuth scopes to apply to the connected app. OAuth scopes define permissions for the connected app, which are granted as tokens after the app is authorized.

Enable OAuth Settings for API Integration

The OAuth token name is in parentheses. Manage the full extent of accessible services in Pardot. This scope also shows whether the current user has each permission enabled. Full access full Allows access to all data accessible by the logged-in user, and encompasses all other scopes.

Access your token aperto information id, profile, email, address, phone Allows access to the identity URL service.

Token (sicurezza)

You can request profile, email, address, or phone individually to get the same result as using id; they are all synonymous.

In the OAuth 2.

token aperto

In addition to the access token, this scope enables you to receive a signed ID token that conforms to the OpenID Connect specifications. Provide access to custom applications visualforce Allows access to customer-created Visualforce pages only.

This scope also includes visualforce, allowing access to customer-created Visualforce pages.

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We recommend user agent as a more secure option than web server flow without the secret. To authorize a single connected app to introspect all access and refresh tokens within the entire org, select Introspect all tokens.

By default, all connected apps can introspect their own tokens.

token aperto

In addition, an OAuth client that directly registers OAuth 2. If the OAuth request includes the Allow access to your unique identifier openid scope, the returned token can include the ID token.

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The Formula del prezzo dellopzione token is always included in access token responses. With the primary ID token setting enabled, configure the secondary settings that control the ID token contents in both access and refresh token responses.

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  • Enable OAuth Settings for API Integration
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Specify these settings. The period can be from 1 to minutes. The default is 2 minutes.

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Include Custom Permissions If your app has specified custom permissions, include them token aperto the ID token.